The first step is to ensure your vehicle meets NZTA standards.

All vehicles entering or re-entering the NZ vehicle fleet need to be thoroughly inspected for condition, meet NZTA prescribed standards, and have accompanying documentation scrutinised to ensure the vehicle history and legal title criteria are met.

Embedded with Penrose Compliance are fully independent NZTA appointed inspectors who will ensure the vehicles they inspect meet the standards required. Any pre-inspection preparation, reassembly, repairs and other support information will be supplied by Penrose Compliance staff, and once all requirements for Entry Certification are passed, you will be able to collect your vehicle complete with a new WoF and Application for Registration Form (MR2A) ready to register the vehicle and drive away, with one invoice for the total package – Easy!!!

With our experience in your corner, you’ll be driving on NZ roads in no time at all….


The process…

Vehicles going through Entry Certification (or “compliance” as its known in the trade) need to be presented with proof of legal title. Documentation that meets this requirement will vary depending on where a vehicle was imported from or whether its an NZ vehicle going back on the road – contact us to discuss if you are not sure what documentation you will need to present.

If your vehicle is a used import from Japan, chances are it will need to be “VINNed” as well. This is where NZTA’s system generates a 17 digit ISO VIN which will replace the vehicle chassis number as the ‘key identifier’ in the NZ register – don’t worry, this is fairly painless and is included in the standard process and costs.

Inspection of the vehicle – prior, we perform a partial strip down of the vehicle. By removing interior and underbody panels, upholstery, and trim the NZTA agent can inspect the vehicle structure for rust, mechanical discrepancies, structural damage, any previous repairs and any other problems that could endanger the vehicle’s occupants or other road users down the track. Once the inspection has been completed, we reassemble the vehicle. One of the benefits of our lengthy experience in doing this is your car will go back together correctly and without damage!

All mechanical systems including brakes, suspension, seatbelts, lights, and exhaust emissions are all tested, and if everything checks out, the NZTA agent will approve the vehicle for registration and issue a WoF.


What Happens if the Vehicle Fails Compliance?

If it’s a mechanical or electrical, we can repair the vehicle onsite, or have any structural repairs/certification carried out for you by our contracted specialists

If you vehicle is modified and needs a Low Volume certification, we can accommodate that too.

We understand failures can be annoying and costly, but we are committed to ensuring such issues are dealt with quickly and cost effectively. Our goal is to get your vehicle up to scratch and on the road quickly and efficiently.

Common items that fail “compliance” are tyres, lights, seatbelts and worn steering and suspension components.

This isn’t surprising since these items all degrade over time and with use. We can source replacement parts quickly and cost effectively and effect repairs onsite should your vehicle need any of these.


Importing a vehicle to New Zealand with known mechanical issues?

If you know already that you are importing a vehicle which needs some work, we can help organise parts, service, and repairs ahead of time. This service will save you time once the vehicle arrives on our shores.

It can be hard to move an imported and unregistered car around Auckland. We can take charge of the logistics to guarantee your vehicle has all the mechanical resources needed to fix issues.

Our trusted partners are independent from our TSD agent. This separation is a legal requirement enforced to maintain the integrity and standards of New Zealand’s vehicle importation and compliance process. That being said, we have strategically chosen partners who know exactly what it takes to meet compliance, so that nothing is left undone.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can get your vehicle ready for importation and Auckland’s roads, give us a call or shoot us a message

Entry Certification and Re-Registration

Entry Certification (“Compliance”) of imported used vehicles

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