Compliance Repairs and Service

Registration is a fairly complex process, but for the right car it’s worth it.

You see more than just an unregistered vehicle. You see your car. An absolute bargain. A fix-me-upper. A ride to work. A timeless classic that deserves to be driven.

We’ll help realise your vision.

Whether the vehicle was written off in an accident, or unlicensed and then de-registered, Penrose Compliance will get you moving in the right direction – towards a Warrant of Fitness and reregistering your vehicle.

The complications of vehicle registration in New Zealand drive many motorists to sell off their unregistered vehicles at a significantly deflated price.

Hold on to your keys, and let Penrose help you with vehicle compliance. 


Penrose Compliance Have Partnered with Compliance Orientated Mechanics in Auckland to Get You on The Road Sooner

Honestly, the NZTA’s compliance process is strict and unforgiving. You can fail the physical check, take your car to the wrong mechanic – only to have it fail all over again.

The fact of the matter is that, Auckland is full of mechanics who know how to fix cars, but fewer mechanics are familiar with the NZTA’s compliance process.

That’s why Penrose Compliance has strategically partnered with trusted local mechanics in Auckland. These guys share our passion for doing just enough to get your car back on the road.

Our approach keeps vehicle owners happy, and it’s how we can guarantee a cheaper, compliance-orientated quote.


Structurally Damaged Vehicles Require A Repair Certificate

When a vehicle has structural damage, you’ll need a repair certificate along with a thorough structural inspection before the vehicle is eligible to register

It’s a common requirement for cars written off by insurers, but it can apply to any vehicle if during the physical inspection an NZTA agent notices structural damage –or rust– on the body of the car.

If you’ve run into this roadblock, we can help.

Penrose Compliance have partnered with NZTA authorised repair certifiers and mechanics, who can handle all the body work, so your car can pass that physical inspection.