Lapsed Registration Compliance

What is Lapsed Registration and How Does It Catch Out Auckland’s Motorists?

Every day, Auckland car owners are caught out when they go for their WoF, only to uncover that their car in now 100% de-registered.



Because, if a private vehicle has been unlicensed for 12 months, the NZTA will de-register the vehicle that very same day.    

No big deal, right? I can just get a new WoF, and…unfortunately not.

In New Zealand, re-registering a car is as complicated as the initial entry certification when the vehicle was first imported from overseas. The only let up is that your vehicle doesn’t have to comply with emissions standards and impact tests.

Don’t sell the vehicle for scraps yet.

The task ahead of you may seem insurmountable, but Penrose Compliance are here to walk you through the bureaucracy and get you back on the road.


How to Reregister a Car in New Zealand?

The vehicle needs a thorough physical inspection performed by a TSD agent. To complete this inspection, the vehicle will be partially disassembled. Trim and panels are removed to check the structural integrity of the vehicle.

The vehicle will then need to be hoisted, to check it’s undercarriage, and the braking system, suspension, lights, and seatbelts will all be thoroughly examined.


What Paperwork Do We Need from You?

The physical check is only half of the process. We also need evidence that you are entitled to re-register this vehicle.

If you owned the car when the registration lapsed, we don’t need as much paperwork. Just bring some photo ID with you when you drop off the vehicle.

If you bought the car unregistered, we’ll need to see the invoice from the previous owner. This document should include information about the vehicle – specifically the number plate and VIN number.

If you can’t provide evidence of purchase, you can get a Justice of the Peace to sign a statutory declaration form in which you legally swear the car is yours to register.

Confused by this process? Call us during business hours, and we can answer all your questions and address your concerns.


What Happens if the Vehicle Fails Registration Compliance?

All it takes is the slightest discrepancy to derail the registration process.

Our goal is to get your de-registered car back on the road sooner. Honestly, the NZTA’s compliance process is strict and unforgiving. You can fail the physical check, take you car to the wrong mechanic, and then fail it all over again. The truth of the matter is, Auckland is full of mechanics who know how to fix cars, but not many mechanics are familiar with the NZTA’s compliance process.

That’s why Penrose Compliance have partnered with local mechanics in Auckland who share our passions for doing just enough to get your car back on the road.

We guarantee a cheaper, compliance-orientated quote.


Structurally Damaged Vehicles Require A Repair Certificate

If your vehicle was in an accident, written off by an insurer, or a NZTA agent notices structural damage on the body of the car, you will need a repair certificate for the vehicle before it’s eligible to register.

Penrose Compliance have partnered with authorised repair certifiers and mechanics who can handle this body work.