Entry Certification

The first step towards getting your car legal and registered in NZ is securing an Entry Certificate.

We are talking about a vehicle that was purchased through blind auction then shipped 1000s of kilometres around the world. It’s understandable that you can’t just drive the car off the boat.

No, to drive an imported car on New Zealand’s roads you’ll need to jump through hoops and work around some red tape.

Compliance ensures the vehicles on our roads are safe, legal, and tolerable under modern emission standards.

Penrose Compliance are your go-to for fast, painless, straight-up Entry Certificates and vehicle compliance.

We’ll get your vehicle ready for WoF certification, registration, and more importantly ensure that your vehicle is safe for your family, business, or on-sale for years and years to come.

With our experience in your corner, you’ll be driving on NZ roads in no time.


How to Get a Vehicle Entry Certificate in Auckland?

To start, we fit the vehicle with VIN plates.

Japan doesn’t use our VIN system, and since 90% of NZ car imports are from Japan, chances are your vehicle needs a VIN plate fixed to the chassis, and sandblasted onto the rear windscreen.

Our TSD agent will then go through all the import documentation to make sure you can legally import your vehicle, and once we have the green light, it’s time to move on to the physical inspection.

To conduct this inspection, we perform a partial tear down of the vehicle. By removing panels, upholstery, and trim a TSD agent can inspect the vehicle for rust, mechanical discrepancies, structural damage, and any other problems that could endanger the vehicle’s occupants or other road users down the track.

To speed up this process, the vehicle is hoisted for a thorough inspection of the undercarriage, and we strip more panels so the TSD agent can continue to examine the vehicle.

The brake system, suspension, seatbelts, light, and emissions are all tested, and if everything checks out, the TSD agents will approve the vehicle and issue an Entry Certificate.


What Happens if the Vehicle Fails Entry Certificate Compliance?

It’s important to remember that your imported second-hand vehicles lived a whole life before landing on NZ’s shores.

Although imported cars are inspected before leaving foreign ports, occasionally a problem is overlooked.

We understand this is frustrating, so we’ve partnered with local Auckland mechanics and authorised NZTA repair shops. We want to overcome all the roadblock standing in the way of your entry certificate and get your vehicle on the road faster. 


Importing a vehicle to New Zealand with known mechanical issues? 

If you know already that you are importing a vehicle which needs some work, we can help organise parts, service, and repairs ahead of time. This service will save you time once the vehicle arrives on our shores. 

It can be hard to move an imported and unregistered car around Auckland. We can take charge of the logistics to guarantee your vehicle has all the mechanical resources needed to fix issues.

Our trusted partners are independent from our TSD agent. This separation is a legal requirement enforced to maintain the integrity and standards of New Zealand’s vehicle importation and compliance process. That being said, we have strategically chosen partners who know exactly what it takes to meet compliance, so that nothing is left undone.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can get your vehicle ready for importation and Auckland’s roads, give us a call or shoot us a message today.